The Reece Grant


The Challenge:

The Reece Grant is a clean water initiative that officially launched in 2016. 

Bathroom and plumbing company Reece had been unofficially supporting worthy projects in communities Australia-wide for many years, but wanted to validate their commitment to care and formalise a philanthropic initiative. 

The Reece Grant needed its own identity, a clearly defined purpose, and a multi-channel marketing strategy to help raise awareness.

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The Discovery:

We undertook a number of immersive workshops to define the scope of the Reece Grant. We sought to understand Reece’s customer and their contribution to communities in need. 

Through this research, we discovered that we needed to do more than develop a cohesive brand identity, message and purpose. Instead, we needed to position Reece as a partner and facilitator in both big and small meaningful projects.

We learned that the support of the entire Reece Network would be integral to the ongoing success of the initiative. A major part of reshaping the Reece Grant would involve working with the Reece community to define and articulate the brand’s core values and pillars. We could then use these as a guide to underpin our ongoing action. 

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The Solution:

Firstly, we developed a brand strategy around empowering customers to do good in the world. 

We began with a new visual identity, a content-led website, compelling social channels and point of sale collateral, and established plans for further activation, digital investment and earned media efforts.

Operating with the dedicated website, social channels and communications strategy we crafted, the Reece Grant continues to grow with a rapidly increasing investment of funds to worthy causes worldwide. 

The brand pillars of care, inspireand empowerhave enabled the Reece Grant to continue creating impact on an individual and societal level, making difference where it’s needed most. 

Positioning the Reece Grant as its own entity gave it a platform to stand on, unique from, but heavily supported by each of Reece’s business units, both digitally and at branch level.

The Reece Grant continues to evolve. It now works across of all of Reece’s business units – plumbing, civil, HVAC-R and irrigation – and supports projects in Australia as well as internationally. More recently, it has expanded to offer tuition and sponsorship to the next generation of tradespeople.

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The Results:

Through this brand-led approach, the Reece Grant has not only become a rich and engaging platform for trade customers. It has supported more than 12 international projects, provided funding for five local initiatives and is currently sponsoring seven new plumbers in the making.

The work done both here in Australia and abroad has supported countless individuals and their communities – changing their lives for good.

The newly developed Reece Grant brand identity is present in over 300 branches nationwide, with branded fridges being rolled out to the entire network. We are working with Reece to optimise and help grow the Grant on a continuous basis.

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International communities transformed


Apprenticeships supported


Funds raised

The Reece Grant