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The Challenge:

Spring is the busiest season for renovation, and the most competitive sales period for plumbing and bathroom products company, Reece.

Each year, Trout is tasked with developing a campaign that delivers the latest trends, inspiration and tools to ignite the renovation process. We want to maximise traffic during this peak season, engage customers earlier in the consideration phase, and position Reece as an expert in the bathroom space.

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Happiness project

The Discovery:

Armed with extensive research into Reece’s customer behaviour and journey, we were able to gather and interpret significant qualitative and quantitative data to form a targeted, tactical approach. This ensured that our solution would speak to a broad spectrum of current and potential customers. 

We used research to segment the target audience into four key personas; savvy renovators, novices with no prior experience, people with a little DIY know-how and those who just want to pay the pros to get it done. The defining insight across personas was that most renovators are typically overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available to them, and often don’t know where to start. 

As a result, we built a campaign based on the premise of “more answers, less questions”, to simplify the overall process and empower customers to take the first step. 


The Solution:

To bring this vision to life, practical and inspirational content was created and integrated across multiple touchpoints. To further resonate with consumers, and to extend the reach of the campaign, we engaged industry experts including plumbers, builders, designers and financial planners, providing specific, targeted information at every touchpoint.

In the digital space, we revamped online trends pages, introduced a specialised quiz and developed a digital tool that would curate relevant content for each of the four personas. 

To support the campaign visually, we created six bathroom sets, designed by renovator influencers on two budgets: luxe and everyday. These demonstrated the ability to achieve the latest in trends and style in any home, at any price point. The influencers, Shaynna Blaza; Julia and Sasha; and Alisa and Lysandra, all associated with The Block, contributed to still and motion-oriented content with commentary including styling advice, product selection and renovation tips.
The content was housed on the website, as well as distributed alongside other expert content and product information through a catalogue to 1.2 million Australian households through a targeted letterbox drop and tactical magazine and newspaper inserts in key geographical areas.

Integrating activation, digital, social, print, earned and paid media and more, the campaign delivered a holistic solution. The content served to simplify the process of renovation and provided customers with information that was most relevant to them, wherever they were at in their journey. 

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The Results:

The Happiness Project received over 5328 website sessions and 227k unique page views during the campaign period of October to December. At least 25,227 people completed the quiz. On the social side, we saw an increase in Instagram followers of over 3,490, and Facebook traffic increased by 19,015.


1.2 million

National distribution


Unique page views


Engaged renovators

Reece Spring