The Enchanted Ball

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The Challenge:

The Enchanted Ball began as a simple lunch arranged by four friends. Now, the event is a magical evening of fundraising, entertainment and socialising in support of the work of the Financial Markets Foundation for Children.

Spearheaded by the four leading national banks – Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank and NAB – the money raised for the foundation funds research into children’s health issues, a cause close to everyone’s heart.

Each year, the Enchanted Ball requires a visual and thematic refresh — an identity that will celebrate, inspire and remain focused on the goals of the Financial Markets Foundation for Children.

Previously, the four founding sponsors would take it in turns to host the event. After working with NAB in the event’s early days, Trout has been the requested creative partner year on year for over a decade.

Each year, we reimagine the theme of enchantment in a unique, sophisticated way so as to inspire action and attendance. The creative concept needs to inspire, enlighten and bring a sense of fantasy to large corporate business parties and individual ticket holders, in a subtle and meaningful way.

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The Discovery:

With an open brief from the committee, we are given free creative licence to explore the possibilities of the idea of “enchantment”, ensuring that patrons have a uniquely memorable experience at the event each year.

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The Solution:

The concept for 2018 demonstrates the notion of “fantasy” and “fairytale” as a connection to enchantment, and tells the story of a magic spell, capturing the moment that the spell is cast, and embodying the notion of a happy ending.

Tapping into childhood memories fantastical journeys and imagined worlds, collateral included an event program designed in the style of an old-fashioned storybook, and ethereal projected motion graphics. A complete suite of supporting collateral including an online ticketing platform and a social media campaign.

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The Results:

In 2018 we celebrated 28 years of The Enchanted Ball, and Trout is proud to have been part of 14 years of that legacy. To date, the foundation has raised over $21 million which has been granted to more than 250 pioneering research projects.

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The Enchanted Ball