Sonsee Woman


The challenge:

Sonsee Woman is a premium Italian-crafted hosiery brand for plus size women. At the time Sonsee had a high-quality product and a unique proposition but a limited footprint in the market and was in the early stages of startup life.

After receiving funding from SharkTank, Sonsee needed to transition from a start up with great product market fit, to a compelling brand and retailer in the world of fashion.

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The discovery:

To fully understand Sonsee’s consumer, we engaged a cohort of plus size women who to understand the role the brand could play in their life.

We learned that plus size fashion is often a struggle for fit, and when fit was right a perception of quality and trust is not easily earned. When people found products that fit well and work for them however, they become loyal. When customers felt a mutual alignment with the brand they could become advocates and potentially customers for life.

These insights clearly outlined that for Sonsee to be a success we needed to do more than an identity update and and design new packaging. By building an experience lead brand Sonsee would become a truly engaging brand and a valuable part of the lives of many women around the world.

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The solution:

To bring Sonsee to life we built a brand strategy around (empowerment). We brought this to life through every expression and touchpoint of the brand.

Being a pure digital play, we re-imagined the overall digital experience. With a strong focus on content we brought to life an all-encompassing content strategy integrating related influencers with lifestyle and fashion content across our own channels, building trust while building a unique community.

We reshaped the website experience to become a balance between and content platform and online store. To bring the purchase cycle full circle we designed the product and deliver packaging to amplify the sense of (empowerment).

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The Results:

Through this immersive approach we have been able to partner with Sonsee to not only deliver a content rich brand that successfully engages with a unique target audience, we’ve been able to help drive product and range development, while driving considerable sales growth and create an ever-growing loyal brand community.

Our continued successful collaboration with Sonsee has seen the brand grow beyond the Australasian market, setting up a platform for some interesting business opportunities in the future. Watch this space.



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Sonsee Woman