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The Challenge:

The financing planning industry is experiencing unprecedented change. To survive industry shifts, Securinvest, a financial planning firm that’s been operating in Melbourne’s east for 40 years, saw an opportunity to evolve and reposition itself as a full-service financial solutions group. 

The new direction for the business involved merging with two accounting firms and a mortgage broking company, which would have a big impact on both the clients and the staff of the four firms. 

Trout was brought in to create clarity and alignment around the transition process, from a business strategy, culture and branding perspective, to ensure that it was positively received and expertly executed.

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The Discovery:

Trout conducted a series of workshops with key client groups to identify their needs. 

The research discovered that Securinvest’s target clients were seeking a more seamless and hassle-free approach to managing their financial needs. 

The firm’s aging client base and narrow service focus which would eventually stifle growth. The business needed to connect with a younger market and provide relevant financial services that aligned with their needs.

Bringing the four businesses together required revised brand architecture and strategy, and a new internal and external communications program. The organisation needed to be united under a singular location, a singular culture and a singular vision.

A significant part of driving change and adoption would be the development of the new Securinvest website. Nine key client types with carefully mapped out user journeys were identified during the planning phase, from savvy multi-business owners through to young singles looking to purchase their first property. 

Specific content could then be tailored for each client type to ensure the brand was engaging with the right people at the right time to drive business growth and positive sentiment.

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The Solution:

Through collaborating with the Securinvest management team, a new purpose was defined – to build a new financial universe that liberates clients from financial stresses and burdens so they can create a path for their future that will ultimately enable them to retire in comfort. 

We created new brand pillars by focusing on the shared DNA of the four businesses. These pillars would guide Securinvest to deliver on this purpose.

To encourage uptake with a younger demographic in the 25-35 age bracket, and to convey Securinvest’s empowering new purpose, Trout explored a range of fresh branding ideas. 

The resulting approach brings the brand to life though vivid colours, vibrant photography and confident language. Extending on this idea, the brand promise, ‘Dream big. Live confident.’ was born.

When applied to service design, the new purpose manifested itself as the demand for a single point of client contact. This streamlined the delivery of financial planning advice, accounting, taxation and mortgage services into one simplified location.

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The Results:

The new Securinvest brand and engagement program has played a key role in revitalising the company, leading to a powerful platform on which the business can build its next stage of growth. 

Securinvest is now effectively positioned to service a much larger client base with a blend of services and a brand proposition that delivers significant value for both existing and new clients. 

Launched in November 2018, Securinvest’s new identity is in its early stages, though positive anecdotal feedback from client and industry leaders alike demonstrates an appetite for this modern approach, and signs of an upward trajectory for Secureinvest ongoing.