The Challenge:

Mizu tapware and bathroom accessories offer a vast portfolio of on-trend and accessible designs.

There is strong competition in the bathroom market for good quality products at an accessible price. The Mizu brand, though selling strongly particularly within the builder segment, lacked direction and clarity. It didn’t have a distinct purpose that consultants could use as a selling point, and so was losing out on market share.

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The Discovery:

To kickstart the process, we approached those who interact with the brand the most; the consultants who sell the products. We conducted a survey to uncover what the existing perception of the brand is, to learn what resonates in store and with customers, and to understand what we could do to leverage its presence more effectively. 

Beyond the name reference – “Mizu” means “water” in Japanese – consultants highlighted that customers identified more closely with the shapes of each of the ranges. Customers would be drawn to a shape first and foremost, and from there would select an entire range.

These insights helped us structure the next iteration of the Mizu brand, which leans heavily on the notion of “shapes”. This, paired with an ability to select one product and gain access to an entire cohesive range, would form the basis of the new brand story for Mizu.

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The Solution:

We needed to find a compelling story for consultants and consumers to connect with. The idea of a simple selection to create an entire interior look was a powerful direction and a new way of thinking about bathroom selection for consumers. 

We built a story around accessibility of good design, achieved at an affordable price point. Mizu now, by definition, is “shaped for every bathroom”.

We amplified this story of shapes by using simple, geometric forms paired with bold colours to give each sub-range its own visual identity. We also created a logo with an agile element to represent each of the five ranges. 

In the showroom environment, creating a cohesive packaging experience was critical to the success of the brand. We designed simple packaging that could be easily identified by colour and shape, with stickers used to differentiate between product type and range.

To bring the products to life, we created five bathroom renders, each showing a full product suite as it would exist in an everyday bathroom, complemented by subtle references to the range’s defining shape. 

Because Mizu is positioned to be accessible and achievable, and to appeal to the everyday customer, these rooms were created to look and feel lived in. Approachable, trend-savvy palettes, styling and design were employed to do this. 

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The Results:

Through this immersive brand repositioning, Mizu has seen a significant increase in sales within the category.

Consultants report that customers feel a stronger connection with the brand and its story of simplicity, and feel empowered to create their bathroom look via the easy selection process.

The internally-focused approach to research ensured that staff have a deep understanding of and connection with the new positioning. The consultants were highly engaged with the campaign and its messaging, and are now much more closely aligned with the brand’s purpose, generating buy-in from all stakeholder groups.

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