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The Challenge:

Australian company MiniJumbuk and has been producing the world’s finest wool bedding products for over 40 years. 

As South Australia’s last remaining wool quilt manufacturer, they faced falling sales due to stiff competition from cheaper, lower quality imports. 

MiniJumbuk needed a new approach that elevated the brand, celebrating the unique qualities of their wool products and justifying their premium price point.

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The Discovery:

We immersed ourselves in the MiniJumbuk business, visiting local sheep farms, interviewing staff and studying the different wool processing techniques that the company uses to create their unique quilts.

Next, we looked at the quilt market as a whole. We evaluated products, language and design themes used by competitors, and talked directly to customers to better understand their mindset and purchasing behaviour.

It became clear that the quilt space was filled with nondescript brand names and superlative language. The target consumer was confused and overwhelmed by options, driving people to makes purchases based on a single, obvious factor: price.

We needed to create a product range that was blissfully simple to understand, with each product clearly fulfilling a distinct user need.

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The Solution:

We discovered that the primary advantage of wool is its unique breathability. Wool provides warmth in colder weather and cools the body when the temperature is warm; a quality no other fibre can match. 

As a result, we recommended that the new quilt range be reimagined around a temperature-based model.

Our research also told us that MiniJumbuk customers become both brand advocates and customers for life. We developed a new brand message, ‘LOVE WOOL’, to support the quilt relaunch. 

This simple yet powerful statement continues to communicate the passion of MiniJumbuk, and to build a strong ongoing emotional connection with the consumer. 

We began by addressing the product portfolio architecture and extended the existing quilt range to five products. Each quilt in the new range would be named and colour themed, based on its position in the thermal spectrum. 

Applying colour psychology, the lightest and coolest summer quilt is now represented by light blue and the warmest winter quilt is represented by burnt orange. 

A simple naming structure clearly communicated the warmth rating of each quilt; Ultralight, Cool, Everyday, Warm and Thermal.

The range extension not only helped customers to identify the right product for their needs, it also had practical advantages for retailers. Each retailer could tailor their stock orders to suit Australia’s high temperature variation, which enabled a higher turnover of stock.

In the design process, we also considered the impact of the range within the store environment. We applied a brand blocking strategy; each package design was styled to work as part of a full suite on the shelf, extending the brand experience through to the point of sale. 

The new quilt range was priced as a luxury product, with signature styling and high-end appeal. We carefully chose packaging design and materials to reflect craftsmanship and quality. 

A flexible icon system that could quickly communicate all the advantages of wool bedding was applied. The higher price point was justified by the education pay-off for consumers, clearly demonstrating the differences from competitors.

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The Results:

In the 24 months following the launch of the new packaging, MiniJumbuk’s quilt sales saw a 50% sales increase nationally. The company’s online export sales have increased in excess of 70%, affirming that the new market strategy is achieving the desired result.



National sales increase


Export sales increase


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