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The challenge:

Kaden was a new player in the Australian Heating and Cooling market; a highly competitive space with a large number of established brands. Kaden faced a significant battle.

We were tasked with creating an entirely new brand and business model that would resonate with both home owners and trade professionals.

The brand would need to communicate a sense of quality, reliability and simplicity to capture market share, while clearly differentiating from larger competitors.

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The discovery:

We collaborated with Kaden to conduct a series of service design workshops, identifying the common pain points of installers to help us develop targeted solutions.

We found that in the Heating and Cooling market, consumer level brand loyalty was low. System installers tended to play a key role in guiding purchase decisions

We also learned that system installers have differing priorities from their customer. The installers recommend brands based on the speed and simplicity of installing the system, the margins they can make, the reliability of the system and the general business support that they receive from the supplier.

Understanding and playing to these factors became integral to the new Kaden brand. As a result, Trout designed a service offering that installers loved, and that established competitors were not offering.

Through workshopping, we arrived at four brand principles: Pioneer new ways of working, make life simpler for installers, always be there for them, and create confidence for them in business.

These principles now underpin every aspect Kaden’s brand and business model.

The Solution:

To differentiate the brand, Kaden products would be defined as quality Heating and Cooling products with a thorough support system, designed to make the installer’s life easier. 

By keeping installers happy, they would become the strongest brand advocates and positively influence the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Developing the brand name required consideration of this unique positioning. From a large number of presented options, Kaden was chosen because it is honest and hard-working — key values that would resonate with installers. Plus, it was simple, unique, and easy for consumers to remember.

To accurately position Kaden in the competitive market, we also considered product and pricing parameters, before moving on to operational support and after sales care. 

Supporting the four key brand principles, we established a four-year timeline for future development. Ultimately, the goal was to achieve a seamless service that would continually support installers.

This conscious focus continued from messaging through to packaging – where a specialised design allowed for easy lifting of the large and cumbersome product. 

The launch of the campaign saw us producing a targeted suite of collateral including a dedicated brand page, customer-facing eDMs, flyers and promotional materials. Each of these served to communicate Kaden’s unique positioning in the market and amplify ease of use for the installer. 

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The Results:

Leveraging its innovative service strategy, and customer-first focus, Kaden has quickly established a foothold in both the residential and commercial heating and cooling market with immediate success.



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